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All of our baked items are handmade from scratch. We specialize in making creative decorative art to meet our client’s needs. We are dedicated and convinced that our product and services will become part of your family’s traditions for years to come.

We look forward to helping you make lasting memories. 


All pricing is approximate. Exact pricing will be determined after consultation.

Cakes            Simple Designs         Moderate            Complex

  Fondant or Buttercream      $4/serving                $5/serving            $6/serving

  Fillings (additional)           $1/serving             $1/serving             $1/serving

Custom Flavors (addity) $1/serving                $1/serving              $1/serving

Jumbo Cupcakes:                  $3 each                    $ 3.50 each            $4 each

Custom Cookies:                   $3 each                     $3.50 each            $4 each

Cake Pops:                            $2.50 each                $3 each                 $3.50 each